CIP’s vision is to mobilize God’s kneeling army for the purposes of building the Body of Christ through local church-based prayer, reconciliation and prayer-driven evangelism.  By hosting various conferences and seminars, our mission is to deepen the prayer movement in Canada and position it firmly within the local church.  Canada In Prayer strongly believes that a church without an effective prayer ministry is simply operating a religious treadmill.


Preparing for the Harvest Seminar


The Preparing for the Harvest Seminar provides prayer-driven evangelism training that equips churches to pray strategically, in their communities, to bring in the harvest.


Prayer is the necessary foundation for effective fruitful evangelism. The Seminar works hand in hand with The Canada for Christ Evangelism Tour to further the impact of the local church in the community.


Participants will be instructed in:

1. Preparing for the harvest PERSONALLY

  • Intimacy with the Father and removing hindrances
  • Finding your place as part of the Body of Christ
  • Practical ways to be a part of strategic prayer and the harvest

2. Preparing for the harvest CORPORATELY

  • Passion for the Lord’s presence, the Word and the lost
  • Waiting and listening for the Lord’s direction
  • Agreement in prayer
  • Types of Prayer:

    • Requests – congregation / mobilization

    • Prayer and fasting for breakthrough

    • Intercessions – the launching pad to see souls saved

    • Thanksgivings – praise and adoration to God

3. Establishing a local church prayer ministry

  • Prayer goals
  • Harvest Prayer Room

4. Prayer for the Community

  • Effective and strategic prayer walking
  • Prayer for laborers
  • to have the Gospel communicated powerfully and clearly
  • prayer for the people in your city
  • resisting evil to establish good
  • Jesus – model of evangelism