• Pray through the book of Proverbs, asking the Father to give you wisdom beyond your years.
  • In your times of intercessory prayer, ask the Lord to reveal to you areas of wisdom in which you should incorporate into your life.
  • Gain further wisdom by asking questions from those who have learned in the trenches of prayer. Interview an older believer in Christ.
  • Confession of sin is an attitude of humility that draws God’s grace onto the scene. Ask the Lord to root out areas of un-forgiveness and criticism so you can be a greater channel of blessing to others.
  • If you are getting hit spiritually by the fiery darts of the enemy, ask the Holy Spirit to put His finger of conviction on your heart. Confess and repent in order to close any doorways of your life and family to the enemy. Then pray the prayers, in Jesus’ name, canceling the penalty against your life, family and ministry.

Recommended Reading:

The Spiritual Fight by Pat Gastineau (Word of Love, 1997)
Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle (Creation House, 1993)


Source: Kneeling on the Promises by Jim W. Goll (Baker Book House Company – 1999)